Styles of Camp

Styles of Camp

With millions of campers going to camp every summer and thousands of staff members going to look after camp there are obviously many different types of camps out there. Here’s a brief rundown of what you can expect from the various types of camps:

Single Sex:

These could have anywhere from 150 girls or boys up to 500! They’ll be similar to the traditional co-ed camps in that they’ll offer a bit of everything although expect to see more competitive sports instruction, advanced program areas and sometimes facilities. Typically campers will choose their own schedules, and won’t travel as a bunk.

Traditional Camps:

It does what it says on the tin. These camps normally have from 250 to 800 kids at camp, don’t focus on one particular activity but offer the campers the opportunity for a varied schedule. At the majority of these camps the campers will travel in groups, with a general counselor taking them from activity to activity. Boys and girls will still live separately and have separate campuses.

Faith Based Camps:

We work with some camps who focus on Judaism or Christianity as part of their programs. Many will still hire applicants who are not from this faith but are open to learning more about their beliefs.

Outdoor Adventure Camps:

Expect more rustic facilities, including sleeping in tents or huts, amazing climbing, trips, mountaineering and outdoor pursuits programs where the focus is getting the kids out of their comfort zones and living, sleeping and eating in the great outdoors!

Arts Camps:

You can still expect swimming, climbing, tennis and more at performing and visual arts camps but with more of a focus on artistic instruction which will include top spec facilities. The campers will have an affiliation with the arts and want to go to a specialist arts camp to help strengthen and enhance their skills.

Equine Camps:

As above, these camps will still have many of the traditional ‘camp’ activities but a larger and more advanced horse riding program. This could be an Olympic sized sand school, cross country jumps, western style ranches with hours of hacking or a natural horsemanship program. Some campers may be new to horse riding whereas others will be advanced and skilled riders.

Non-Profit Camps:

These wonderful camps work with children mainly from inner city and low income backgrounds, providing them with hugely subsidized and even free tuition at camp. Non-profit camps allow children who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford camp to experience camp.

YMCA Camps:

The Y cater for thousands of campers every summer and have hundreds of camps based all over the USA. YMCA camps may vary from huge camps with hundreds of campers to day camps.

Day Camps:

We work with some top day camps who offer daily care to campers in the nearby area. These camps will still have all the same facilities you’ll find at overnight camp, but the campers will leave in the afternoon/evening. Staff will either live on site or with host families.

Additional Support Needs Camps:

If you’re really wanting to give back and challenge yourself whilst learning a whole host of new skills this could be the camp for you. There will be a lot more one on one attention and supervision of campers.

Styles of Camp November 26, 2016

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