Opportunities at Camp

Opportunities at Camp

Working at camp can provide endless opportunities. You will have the chance to make friends from all over the world. Camp is one of the most diverse places you could ever work.

This opens up the chance of travel to other countries with a place to stay and a tour guide to show you around. This melting pot of cultures gives the kids the best experience also.

They have the opportunity to find out more about other countries, there customs and traditions. Councillors also have the chance to immerse themselves in American culture.

On a day off you can head to the closest city and catch a baseball game and try some local food. You could compare a New York pizza to a Chicago deep dish.

You will find that the staff at the camp you work at will quickly become family. The relationships you make at camp can last a lifetime. You will want to go back every year to see your friends again. You could be that Councillor that inspired kids to be like you.

As a counsillor, you will be the point for any of the campers you take care of. You will be there as their best friend and their parent for the summer. It will be the hardest job you ever love.

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