First Time Going To Camp

First Time Going to Camp

Work at camp, travel the USA, live the dream AND get paid for it! Sounds good? Then apply today!

We won’t promise you millions of dollars but you will earn a salary of at least $1600 at camp this summer. That $1600 will cover the cost of you going to camp and leave you some cash left over for post camp travels with your new camp best friends! Why go elsewhere and earn pocket money when you can earn a fair and decent wage, without spending a shed load of cash on program fees.

Of course there are program fees and third party costs involved along the way- we promise to be crystal clear with costs, but if you do have any questions about these feel free to reach out!

(For applicants applying outside the UK you will be charged the current conversion rate)

What's Included

  • Placement at camp
  • $1600 recommended salary - the highest in the industry
  • Visa paperwork & SEVIS payment
  • 30 days before AND after camp to travel
  • 4 month comprehensive medical insurance
  • Support before, during and after camp
  • Food and accommodation when at camp
  • Discounted flights and tours with StudentUniverse
  • Training and certifications (when applicable) at camp
  • Internet/phone access when at camp
  • Pick up from your arrival airport to camp
  • Completely FREE to register and apply

Just £345

Third Party Costs

  • Police Background Check - £60
  • US Embassy Appointment Fee - £160 (Correct at time of posting)
  • Medical Check - £0 to £50
  • Flights - £400 (Prices will vary depending on place and time of booking, £400 is average 2016 price)


Don’t get sucked in by a “free flight” offer from other camp companies. Flights are never free. Your camp will be billed for the flight and this will come out of your wages, leaving you with a tiny camp salary. If you’re not flying from London you will will normally have to pay a surcharge on a flight from your local airport too. It’s always best to explore your options and make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

We work with StudentUniverse who offer some great discounts and competitive prices on flights to the USA and tours after camp. Once you’re placed at camp StudentUniverse will reach out to you, and you can also complete their inquiry form and they’ll reach out to you!

Flights were typically around the £350 return mark last year and we would expect them to be around a similar price this summer!

Questions and money off your fees?

It’s important you understand what you are paying and why. If any of this confuses you, please get in touch. Everyone in the office has been to camp on multiple occasions and has been through the process first hand so we’ll tell you everything you need to know! If you are interested in spreading the word about us then drop us an email and we’ll do our best to discount your fees!

First Time Going To Camp November 26, 2016

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