Cabin Staff Roles

Cabin Staff & General Counselors

Hoping to go into teaching? Have loads of experience with kids or have a great up-beat and enthusiastic personality?

If you picture your summer running around camp, doing lots of different activities with your group of campers then working as a general counselor is the position for you.

You will spend the day taking your kids around camp from one activity to another, supervising them in the bunk and during meal times, and basically being their parent/sibling/cool Aunt or Uncle for the summer. There will normally be anywhere from 8 to 20 kids in your bunk with you who are all of a similar age. Some of them will be new to camp whereas others will be old timers!

You will be very much encouraged/expected to get involved with the activities the kids are doing. This could be arts and crafts, followed by horse riding, followed by swimming and so much more. It’s an extremely fun role with lots of opportunities to try out different activities and get to know your kids. That being said, you will be on the go all day every day, so make sure you’re prepared for the hard work and to give it your all.

What are we looking for? 

We are looking for people with endless amounts of energy, a love of working with children and a great get-up-and-go attitude. If you’re more than happy to get stuck into camp life, ready to help out your fellow counselors and be your camper’s best friend/disciplinarian/confidant/right hand man for the summer then apply today!

Please note, this is a highly competitive role, especially for females. If you are hoping to apply for a general counselor role you will need to have bucket loads of experience with kids and a great application to boot!

Cabin Staff Roles November 26, 2016

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