Aquatic Roles

Aquatic Roles at Camp

Want to splash around all day in a pool or lake?

Working on the waterfront may just be the role for you at camp! Aquatics areas on camp are always very busy and popular with campers, and we have hundreds of different waterfront jobs available.


Instructional Swim

Every camp will teach swimming to their campers in some capacity. This may consist of daily, every other day or weekly swimming lessons. Helping the campers improve their swimming and fitness in the pool or lake is something that many camps focus on, as it will help them with the other waterfront elements at camp! If you have experience teaching swimming in any capacity (both paid and voluntary) then it will very much impress our camp directors. Many camps will like their swim instructors to have come from a competitive swimming background, so mentioning that you are/were part of a swim club or team will also be beneficial.

Safety at the waterfront

Because safety is paramount camps will also hire lifeguards to protect the campers and staff when they are in and around the water. Many camps will certify their staff when they get to camp, a week long intensive lifeguard course is normally run at camp and includes fitness tests, mock rescues, first aid and study sessions. If you’re hired to work at the waterfront at camp you should make sure that you’re fit and active enough both in and out of the water prior to arriving at camp.

Although it’s not always vital we would always recommend that you get a UK lifeguard cert before heading out to camp to help enhance your application. Chat to us for more information!

Other watersport activities include:

Sailing- Many camps will have dinghies, lasers, 420s, sunfish and toppers to name a few. Campers will spend their lessons learning to sail, weather dependent. On not so windy days the kids can learn how to capsize, parts of the boat and sail. On the more windy days your more confident sailors can enhance their skills out on the lake!

Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle Boarding-Windsurfing is more of a classic camp watersports and it can be tricky to find staff who have windsurfing experience, so if you’ve done it before then please let us know. SUP is a new activity which many camps have embraced. You can make it a relaxing paddle across the lake or even try to get it a little more challenging and practice some yoga moves- although prepare for splashes into the lake!

Waterski/Wakeboard, Jet Skis and Boats- The vast majority of camps will have a ski team who will teach the kids to go from complete beginners, using the boom of the boat to stand up to more advanced skiers, doing tricks, jumps and barefoot skiing. There will be tubes and doughnuts for those days when the kids and staff just want to play.

Canoe and Kayak- From a gentle paddle in a canoe to white water kayaking there are many different paddle programs at camp. Most camps will ideally look for staff with the British Canoeing (or equivalent) level 2 and above.

If this is a role that you are interested in then feel free to chat to us. We know what it takes to be an aquatics team member and also how thoroughly rewarding it can be. Challenge yourself this summer and trust us when we say, you won’t regret it!

Aquatic Roles November 24, 2016

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